Organizing/Market Development

The Organizing Department of United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters Local 192 have made remarkable gains in both market share and percent organized. By organizing and expanding our union employer base, we can effectively create a more level playing field for our employers in which to bid and secure more work and become more prosperous. In that way, labor does its part to protect capitalism and the free enterprise system in which middle class America lives and our nation depends.

What Have Unions Done for Us?

  • 8-hour day

  • 5-day work week

  • Health Insurance

  • Good pensions

  • Higher wages

  • Job security

  • Overtime pay

  • Job safety

  • Family and medical leave

  • Fair treatment for women, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and those with disabilities
Union members earn 28% more than nonunion workers. Stronger unions raise living standards and improve the quality of life for everyone. In the 10 states in which unions are the strongest, there is less poverty, higher household income, more education spending, and better public policy than in the 10 states where unions are weakest.

Unions Encourage Democracy:
Unions encourage voting and other forms of political participation by members and other social groups with common interests. Political Scientist Benjamin Radcliff has estimated that for every 1% decline in union membership there is a 0.4 % decline in voter participation.

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