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UA Local 192 was founded in 1905. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming UA Local 192 comprises a wide geographical area including all of Wyoming, half of South Dakota, and part of the Nebraska panhandle. UA Local 192 is home to over 500 proud and skilled members of the UA Plumbers and Pipefitters.

In the late 1800's, craftsmen of the building construction trades realized that by joining together they would become a force to help the laboring class of people become recognized. One such organization in 1889 made up of Plumbers and Steamfitters, organized into a group to be known as the United Association of Plumbers, Gas Fitters, and Steamfitters of the United States and Canada. One year later in 1890 Wyoming became a State from a Frontier Territory.
Local 192 Union Hall
By the turn of the century, it became apparent that a Local Union be formed by the town of Cheyenne. A Steamfitter Local #224 was chartered and Mr. J.J. Grainger was elected as its president and prospects for the future looked very bright, as this article was in the Official Voice of the United Association published in 1900, December issue.

Local Union #192 was first chartered to the city of Sharon, Pennsylvania. They surrendered the charter at the end of 1905. It was then re-issued to the Sprinkler Fitters of Seattle, Washington. From 1900 to 1907 Local #224 had jurisdiction of Cheyenne, but in 1907 it acquired transit fever and moved to Goldfield, Nevada. Local #192 of Seattle, Washington surrendered its charter in 1907, and it was reissued to Cheyenne on August 10, 1910, as a Combination Local. Some of the former members of #224 became Charter members of the new Local #192, they were: Fred Berger, Otto Kahler, Ralph Wing, Judd Hedges, Walter Keefe, and Andy McKenzie.


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